Rush Hour 4 Cast, Summary & Trailer

Rush Hour 4 Summary

Rush Hour 4 – Carter (Chris Tucker) and Lee (Jackie Chan) the best cop duo decided to rest and is on verge of retiring themself and allowing two new goofy rookies, Jack and Randy to take their place, however, there is a anonymous person return for his revenge from old boys (Carter & Lee) and a hit send out on Lee and Carter, after the hit they goes on teaming up with new goof ball Jack and Randy to take down that anonymous criminal.

Rush Hour 4 Cast & Crew

Release Date2024
WritersRoss LaManna
CastJackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Brandon T. Jackson, Jay Chou, Russell Crowe, Dwayne Johnson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Mickey Rourke
MusicRob Roots
ProducerArthur Sarkissian
ProductionNew Line Cinema, Roger Birnbaum Productions
DistributorsNew Line Cinema (USA) (theatrical)
Box OfficeN/A
OTT PlatformN/A
OTT Release DateN/A
Running TimeN/A
Domestic DistributorN/A


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